Anytime Touchdown Scorers – Week 6

Given that I couldn’t find much value last weekend, it was nice to come away with 2 out of 3 selections finding the end-zone, increasing our profit for the season.

Game: Cincinnati Bengals @ Indianapolis Colts
Kick-Off: 18:00 GMT
Market: Anytime Touchdown Scorer
Selection: A.J. Green
Best Odds: 5.50 with Several
Next Best: 4.00 with Unibet
Lowest Acceptable Odds: 3.25
Comment: “Yes, it appears Green may have to take a back seat to Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins, these odds are far too big to pass up. The Bengals run a lot of 3 wide receiver sets, and as I said last week, I think the Colts defence is being hyped more than they should given the poor opposition they have faced thus far this season. If Green scores this week, then you won’t see odds anywhere near this big for the rest of the season.”

Game: Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Kick-Off: 18:00 GMT
Market: Anytime Touchdown Scorer
Selection: Andy Janovich
Best Odds: 26.00 with Bet365
Next Best: 23.00 with Several
Lowest Acceptable Odds: 15.00
Comment: “Who doesn’t love a full-back? With Nick Chubb out and facing a very tough Steelers defence, the Browns need to be more creative from the 5 yard line in, so why not a little dump-off to Janovich, or a quick hand-off to the full-back on the 1 yard line. The former Nebraska alum has scored 5 times in 5 seasons, so what’s to say the Kevin Stefanski won’t reward him for all the dirty work he’s done so far this season.”

Game: Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans
Kick-Off: 18:00 GMT
Market: Anytime Touchdown Scorer
Selection: Deshaun Watson
Best Odds: 4.50 with SpreadEx
Next Best: 3.50 with Several
Lowest Acceptable Odds: 3.00
Comment: “If the Texans stand any chance of making the playoffs this season, then it rests squarely on the shoulders of this guy. This is the worst Houston defence I have seen since the team’s inception in 2002, meaning they will need to put up at least 30 points a game to be in with a chance of winning. Watson rushed for a career high 7 touchdowns last season, with only 1 under his belt so far this season, he’s due another.”

I’ve debated Breshad Perriman all morning, as I like the fact he has history with Joe Flacco, and is a great deep threat, but having missed most of season through injury he’s tough to trust in his first game back.

As per usual, stake 3% of your starting bankroll onto each selection.

For those of you who prefer a points system, start with an initial betting bank of 100 points, and stake 3 points per selection.


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