Update for the 2022/23 NFL Season

As promised, I am now directly contacting everyone who receives my NFL selections to give you a run down of what we’ll be happening next season. After some lengthy discussions with several guys within the industry, and a lot in my own head, Touchdown Profit will become a premium service for the 2022/23 season. This is not a decision I have made lightly as I feel that I could gather a bigger following if I were to stay free of charge for another season (or two) but given the kind of results that I’ve produced over the last two seasons I think warrants a fairly small charge, which will in turn allow me to run an even more professional service and enable me to post/send selections out earlier, hopefully giving you even better access to lines/odds.

I mean looking at it pragmatically your heavy hitters in Vegas who are charging hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars (pounds) a week aren’t getting a quarter of the R.O.I that I’ve produced over the past 2 seasons, let alone half. Quite a few followers have contacted me who live the United States telling me that they were sceptical in the beginning when backing my selections as I’m from England. Like I said to all of them, that if anything, being outside of the U.S. helps from a bias standpoint as I’m not subjected to the endless media hype surrounding a team or player based upon your location.

Anyway, I’ve digressed slightly there, back to the matter at hand. I will be offering two packages for the 2022/23 NFL season (prices listed below), the first of which is a half season package which covers you through to Week 9 of the regular season and contains any pre-season ante-post selections, so for example – most rushing yards, etc.

The second is a full season package which includes all my selections for the entire regular season, all pre-season ante-post selections, and every pick from those all-important play-off runs, which have themselves seen an R.O.I of 24.29% across the last two seasons.

However, as a thank you to all of you that have followed me (and my picks) over the past couple of years I am offering you an early bird special on both packages, whereby if you sign-up before the end of May you’ll receive a discount of roughly 20%!

Half Season Package – £150 discounted to £125

Full Season Package – £240 discounted to £200

*Discount period has now ended.

Now, I’m fully aware that some won’t want to sign-up and that’s absolutely fine, but can I just take this opportunity to thank you for not only following me, but showing the faith in my NFL selection process.

But for those of you looking for a low volume service that at most will take up 10/15 minutes a week in bet placements, this is for you. What’s even better, in the past 2 seasons the largest drawdown seen was just 5 points (off a 50 point advised bankroll, 100 if wanting to be ultra conservative), and for those of you worried about account restrictions/closures or are unable to bet with regular high street bookmakers, the markets I use for these NFL selections are the largest in the world, meaning no big odds fluctuations, no accounts being flagged, and exchange friendly.

So, if you wish to join me next season, simply click the link(s) above which will take you direct to PayPal. Alternatively, if you don’t have a PayPal account then contact me directly at touchdownprofit@outlook.com to discuss other options.


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